Buying a Home


Before you embark on your search for the perfect house, it is important that you prioritize your goals in an attempt to narrow your choices of properties.

Hunting for a home can be a time consuming process, especially if you have not determined in advance the parameters of your search. Take a few minutes to develop your list of needs and wants. The goal is to put the emphasis on finding a house that includes all of your needs and as many of your wants as is practical, yet remain in your budget.

Deciding beforehand which features are a necessity and which are not can help prevent confusion later on.  Be prepared to be flexible and even modify your requirements along the way. For example, you might find a great house with a single-car garage (you had two-car on your “need” list) that has nearly every other item on the “wish” list.  Because most people do not have an unlimited income, this process of give and take is essential if you are going to make the best possible home buying decision. However, with a little planning we can zero in on the homes which best fit your requirements.


Together, we will discuss the type, style, size, location, and specific requirements for the kind of home you are interested in purchasing. After researching what is available, we will preview homes together that fall into your specifications.  I can show you all properties listed, regardless of who has the home listed. 

I receive up-to-date information on homes as they come on the market. I review “new on the market” lists every day to constantly be on the look out for the perfect home for you. I also can notify all member real estate agents through a computerized “match” to notify me if they have a home that meets your specifications. 

I can also work with most builders on a cooperative basis and get you all the information you need to make a decision. I will need to accompany you to the property on your initial visit. By allowing me to help you with builders, you get all my services and those offered by the builder as well.  


To Help You Find a Home, I Will:

  • Set up a plan of action, through an analysis of your needs, wants, finances, and the current housing market.
  • Provide continuing current information on all homes available in your chosen area and price range including new construction.
  •  Personally assist you in conducting your search to find neighborhoods and homes that match your requirements.

To Help You Choose a Home, I Will:

  • Discuss with you the benefits and drawbacks of each home in relation to your specific needs.
  • Provide you the information necessary for you to make a decision.
  • Research any unanswered questions and provide you with data regarding the recent sale prices of comparable homes in the neighborhood of your choice.

To Help You Buy a Home, I Will:

  • Provide the basic financing information necessary and refer you to a mortgage bank and lender.
  • Explain all the procedures followed to meet your loan application and inspection commitment as detailed in the purchase contract.
  • Insure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the purchase contract and all other written documents.
  • Perform all the detail work and negotiations that arise after submitting your contract to the seller.
  • Insure that all the parties involved are performing their roles to bring about a smooth purchase transaction all the way through to closing.