The Backyard Transformation

I’m glad so many of you liked the front yard transformation from last week.  Now for the backyard.  There really wasn’t much to speak of back here- as you can see, lots of weeds, overgrown honeysuckle dirt.


The first order of business was grading the yard- just like the front yard, the back yard had a serious drainage issue- in that it didn’t drain! 


So just like the front yard, we had a big truck of dirt delivered and basically started over from scratch.


Next we demolished our old back door and added new french doors off the dining room.  And then it was time to add some areas for entertaining.  First we added a small deck off the french doors and a larger deck down at ground level.  Giving us plenty of space for lounging.


And we added a brick paver patio so we had space for our grill and patio table and umbrella. 


We chose the same brick color and herringbone pattern as the front walkway to help blend everything together.  We also ringed two sides of the patio with smaller river rocks- a cool detail we saw in a magazine and decided to try out ourselves.


Once that was done, it was time for “beautifying”.  We added some bamboo to the area between the deck and the fence, it added great privacy between us and the neighbors and hid the ugly chain link fence too. 


And we added a vegetable garden in the back corner and a large flower bed.


Some shade friendly potted plants helped break up the wall of white foundation and grey siding.  Plus, it was fun to find pots to mix and match!  We found those great stainless steel ones at IKEA.




As an added benefit, the steps have turned in to the perfect place for Annie to catch some rays!


So what do you think?  If you missed last week’s post with the front yard make over you can read all about it here.

It’s Friday, so I’m participating in the Hooked on Friday’s blog party.  Go on over to Hooked on Houses to see what everyone else is hooked on.

7 thoughts on “The Backyard Transformation

  1. *** WOW!!!*** Hard to belieeeve!!!! You must be exhausted, but the look on your Annie’s face just HAS to make it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? (Oh yes, and you and your FAMILY’S JOY TOOOO, of course! SMiles!)~~

    You must be so proud!!!
    Linda in AZ *

  2. Holy smokes, that’s a HUGE change!!! WOW!!! I know how much time and work it takes to do a backyard makeover like this one — but it’s SO worth it in the end. And how cute that Annie likes snoozing on the deck steps 🙂

    Your front yard makeover is fab too. I LOVE your purple door!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

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