The new siding revealed!

So many people have asked me to post an update to my previous post about the new siding going up at our house. Your wish is my command. I’m posting some before and after pictures so you can understand why the neighbors have literally been stopping me on the street to thank me 🙂

This is our house before- the siding was an asphalt shingle material that appears to be brick but isn’t.  We thought about tearing it off and revealing the original wood trim, hence the torn off section on the side. But once we started getting in to it, it became obvious it was too big a project, and we decided to go the vinyl siding route.

houses 005

Here is the house with our new siding!  The color is slate grey.  We had the extra band board added between the floors to break up all the grey, and we had all the trim bumped out to add some depth to the profile.

houses 012

We saved some money by having the existing fascia and trim painted white rather than replacing it.  Most of the windows were replaced and new trim added but our two large picture windows are still the originals and we had their trim painted.

houses 016

My favorite part is the composite shingle we had added to the third floor. 

houses 033

Here is the back of the house- don’t judge- we were also in the middle of adding a deck and putting in landscaping 🙂  I’ll have to show you the yard transformation another day.

houses 003

I think the band board between the floors really helps add some interest back here.

houses 017

Voila.  I hope you enjoyed the tour- I know we are really enjoying the new space.


7 thoughts on “The new siding revealed!

  1. Sara,
    This was an impressive transformation. I am sure you made your neighborhood very happy. I can see you were thoughtful about this project, such as adding the compost shingles to add interest to the exterior profile. It looks very pulled together and classy, great job!

  2. Oh, wow. It’s hard to believe that’s the same house. It looks beautiful, Sara! I can definitely understand why your neighbors are thanking you. I know I would be. -Julia 🙂

    1. The siding is vinyl and was called granite grey. The white trim was mostly painted aluminum and I don’t know the color, just a basic pure white color. Hope that helps! ~Sara

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