We’re a bargain!

Photo courtesy of cincystreet.com

Forbes just released their 50 best bargain cities and guess where the Tri-state area fell…..number 5!  I think that is fantastic and it is something I totally agree with. 

I’ve lived in LA and NYC, neither of which brings to mind affordable real estate but I’ve also seen the homes my friends and family have owned in other parts of the mid-west and south and I always feel like we get more bang for our buck here.

Forbes, of course, is a little more scientific than me.  They looked at the 50 largest metropolitan areas and then assigned point in four categories:  Average salary for workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher, annual unemployment statistics, cost of living, and the Housing Opportunity Index.

Here’s how Cincinnati stacked up :

Cost of Living: 9 of 50

Housing Opportunity: 7 of 50

Unemployment Rate: 23 of 50

Average Salary: 33 of 50

Way to go Cincinnati!

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3 thoughts on “We’re a bargain!

  1. That’s interesting! I hadn’t read that. I agree–we are a bargain! We get so much more house and land here for the money. Definitely something to be thankful for. -Julia 🙂

  2. We had a young (mid-20’s) dinner guest this week in our Atlanta home. He was born and raised in what he called West Cincinnati. I asked him how many of his growing up friends still live there. He said, nearly all of them. That’s a great endorsement.

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