Getting your landscaping ready for selling


Spring is upon us folks.  It is raining this morning and still warm outside- my definition of spring.  So expect those buyers and sellers to start popping up everywhere, I know my open houses have been been rockin’ the last few weeks!

If you are selling your home this spring, start thinking about landscaping.  First impression are key in this business.  I can’t tell you how many buyers reject a home based solely on the exterior pictures- yikes!  So roll up your sleeves and get ready for a few tricks of the trade to make your curb appeal really stand out.

If I can say just one thing it would be color, color, color- ok, that’s 3 things but you get the idea.  Pick one or two colors and really use them to highlight your home.  Maybe some purple flowers or lavender along the drive or a flowering bush in front of the bay window.  Whatever you can do to make the house “pop” with color.

Next think about size.  This means getting out those pruners and cutting back shrubs that have taken over your sidewalk or are covering your windows.  Also look up- are there any dead tree limbs that you still haven’t cut down from our wind and ice storms, you might have to call a professional depending on the size, but remove all those dead limbs.

Now is the perfect time to seed your lawn.  Get that rake out, rake up all the dead leaves and then sprinkle some new seed down- don’t forget to water it.   A green lawn shows you care about your house and take care of it.  Do you have any area that refuses to grow grass?  Then get some rocks and make a rock garden.

Light it up.  Think about illuminating the front walk way with some solar powered lights and make sure you keep your porch light on in the evenings.  Nothing ruins a showing more than a buyer tripping and falling, so be sure they can their way to the door.  Some lamps placed strategically around the yard can also help highlight important elements and show them how much space there is.

These are just a few suggestion for making a great first impression for prospective buyers.  If you’d like more ideas, feel free to contact me.  And check back son for some interior “spring clean” ideas too!


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