Rehab Adventures- New Patio Doors


Ahhh the life of rehabbing never ends.  For months now we have been planning to remove a back window in the dining room and replace it with french doors out to a deck, also to be built.  Since we aren’t replacing an old door but adding a completely new one, we weren’t really constricted by size and had the luxury of really shopping around for a great deal. 


Home Emporium once again came through! I think Home Emporium is one of the great secrets of home remodeling. They have a treasure trove of windows, doors, flooring, counter tops, and more – mostly items from odd lots, discontinued merchandise, and returned items from other stores. In our case we were able to get a Pella Architect Series patio door, which would normally cost every bit of $2000 for only $398.00. What a deal! We installed it over the weekend and it looks great. One project checked off the list- many more to go…..





If you are thinking of putting in a new door or maybe replacement windows (that’s on our list too), I thought you might find this safety checklist helpful. Just a reminder of some commons sense ideas for keeping your kids safe around windows and doors.

3 thoughts on “Rehab Adventures- New Patio Doors

  1. Keeping your kids away from the areas that are being fixed or remodeled is a good idea. Especially if it is something like in your picture where they can fall through. All it takes is a moment of losing track of them and it can be too late.

  2. Such a good point! I was afraid enough for the grownups- always use caution when remodeling with kids, keep in mind not only areas where they could fall but also all that dust and debris they could breathe in.

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